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About GCS

            Welcome to the official site of the Global Communities for Sustainability project. This project is supported by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) of the Government of Australia and seeks to add to and build on the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) which is currently operative in 2000 schools across Australia.

            AuSSI (as described in the following quote) is 'A systematic approach through the curriculum following a comprehensive audit exposes children to all elements of sustainability. They are increasingly accepting responsibility for actions within the programme and are the leading edge in attitude change as these practices are transferred to home and the community'

            Significantly, it is more than schools that will be involved in the GCS process. Local teams comprising a teacher, students and a representative from the local council or community will participate in the learning journey.

The GCS project adds an international dimension to AuSSI by facilitating cross-cultural sharing and learning between schools in different countries through:

        • Sustainability issues, actions and experience
        • Collaboration and communication
        • Community building and community learning
        • Ownership of problems and solutions
        • Adaptation of action to diverse socio-cultural contexts

This site provides a platform for everyone to share their learnings and local sustainability experiences with all participating schools.
Global Communities for Sustainability (GCS) has several schools working on their selected projects . In India, several schools from the states of Delhi (capital territory) Gujarat, Kerala, and Karnataka are exploring and addressing sustainability issues in their respective localities through a guided process. Schools from across four states in Australia are also working on their projects.