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» www.ceeindia.org
Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is a national institution engaged in developing programmes and material to increase awareness about the environment and sustainable development. CEE was established in 1984 as a Centre of Excellence in Environmental Education, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India. It is affiliated to the  Nehru Foundation for Development
» www.indialead.org
The purpose of the LEAD India Platform is to promote sustainable use of land, livestock, water and forest resources for sustainable livelihoods. The LEAD India Platform is established as part of the global LEAD Initiative of FAO. The Indian platform consists of a Lead Advocacy Network (LAN) to carry out advocacy on LEAD issues and a Communication Platform anchored by the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) to further LEAD communication for development.

This Initiative is supported by CALPI (Capitalisation of Livestock Programme Experiences India), a programme of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Intercooperation (IC).
» www.envirodebate.net
This website has been set up by Media for Sustainable Development (MSD), a unit of the Centre for Environment Education, as a forum for ongoing debate and discussion on key environment and development policy issues. This forum is supported by Ford Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

www.envirodebate.net seeks to elicit reactions from the community on a variety of policy issues that are made available for discussion on this site. The aim of the forum is to increase awareness and support public involvement in discussions relating to the environment-development interface.

Themes and ideas with policy relevance from the Environment and Development Book Series (a related MSD activity), as well as issues that are of topical policy interest are put up for debate at this forum. MSD actively encourages wide participation by seeking to engage all stakeholders in the debate, often holding seminars and workshops to supplement and feed into the ongoing discussions on this site.

The forum provides an opportunity for everyone to voice their opinion on both general and specific aspects of the policy themes on discussion. All feedback is then compiled as inputs that form part of the policy review process.