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With a view to resolve the increasing conflict between development and environment goals in a wide variety of areas, Media for Sustainable Development is bringing out landmark book series funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation. So far the centre has published twelve titles under this series and more book and booklets are in the pipeline. These books aim to educate and inform decision makers and policy planners about a concern or issue related to ecologically sensitive and equitable development and to present alternative and innovative models of action for a variety of ecological situations.
Book Titles
» Sustainable Development in Fragile Environments: An Operational Framework for Arid, Semi-arid and Mountain Areas
» Sustainable Technology: Making the Sardar Sarovar Project Viable
» Waste Minimization: A practical guide to Cleaner Productive and Enhanced Profitability
» Joint Forest Management: The Haryana Experience
» Banking on Biomass: A New Strategy for Sustainable prosperity based on Renewable Energy and Dispersed Industrialisation
» Minding our Marine Wealth: An Appraisal of Gujarat's Coastal Resources
» Nurturing Biodiversity : An Indian Agenda
» Renewable Energy and Environment : A policy analysis for India
» Towards an Agro-Ecosystem Policy for India: Lessons From Two Case Studies
» Water Harvesting and Sustainable Supply in India
» Livestock and Livelihoods - The Indian Context
» Challenging The Indian Medical Heritage
» Flowing Upstream
» Water: Sustainable and Efficient Use
» Sustainable Prosperity
» Perils of Pesticides
» Preventive Environmental Management
» Dew Harvest
» Organic Farming
» Indigenous Knowledge of Farming in North Malabar
» Non-chemical methods of pest control