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CEE, through its presence across India, with over 35 centres, is working closely with the local communities on various projects ranging from community upliftment, livelihood generation, and rehabilitation to ecotourism. Although distinct in nature, these projects are tied together by Sustainability, factor, a major focus of all CEE run programmes. And this is what sets it apart from any other tour! As a member of the tour, you get an opportunity to visit different field offices of CEE, working closely with the local communities on various development projects in India. For more details, visit www.ceeindia.org

Members in the Gujarat tour will visit Vavaniya, a project on rebuilding a town devastated during the 2001 earthquake. CEE has closely worked here with the some funding agencies and relief committees to provide rehabilitation and enhancement of basic infrastructure such as that of water and sanitation, education and health. Prior arrangements will be made to visit the primary health centre and the primary schools. In a local school here, one can see a demonstration of the water harvesting system set up. Sewage / wastewater disposal systems are also set up as a part of the development and rehabilitation programme initiated. Tour members also get an opportunity to interact with self-help groups and the native villagers.
The Corbett tour members get to visit a village here, where-in, as a group effort, CEE works along with the eco-development committee to provide aid and support to the local residents. CEE has offered the provision of solar-powered electric fences to the villagers to keep away wild animals.
Lifestyle and cuisine  ›
Gujarat is not just known as a vibrant state, it is also famous for the variety of delicacies which are exclusive to the state. If you are a foodie to the core, Gujarat is just the state for you! Gujrati savouries include a Gujarati Platter/thali consisting of rice, dal (Indian pulses), curry, vegetables, sprouted beans, raita (curd) and a variety of sweet and sour chutneys and pickles. Most of the Gujarati delicacies are made by mixing sweet with salt, which makes this flavour different from the rest of India. Another famous variety within the Gujarati cuisine is the 'Kutchi cuisine'. This form is relatively simple but spicy. It consists of Khichdi (mixture of rice and Indian pulses), the main dish eaten with Kadhi - a savoury curry made of yoghurt. A sweet, thickened milk or yoghurt confectionery called Shrikhand, is the popular dessert favoured by many.
Corbett, situated in one of the most picturesque and serene places in the North Indian state of Uttranchal is cradled in the calm serenity of the stately Himalayas. The state is an expression of divinity, austerity, meditation, penance and attainment and is famous for its vibrant culture and colourful dances. Local population in the area is predominately agrarian and is called Gharwalis and Kumaonese. They have a deep penchant for music and dance. Traditional food of the area includes meat, rice, roti (Manduwa), bhats and Jhingora.