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India has three seasons namely Summer, Monsoons and Winters. Climate during these seasons varies in different parts of the country.
The months of May and June are generally hot (temperature above 30oC during the day). Cotton and light clothing is best suited for this weather.
Onset of Monsoons is around June on the West Coast and during July and August in the rest of the country. In Southern India, maximum rainfall is between mid-October and December.
Its winter from November through March in North, Northwest and Northeast whereas the climate is generally pleasant (16o to 24oC) in rest of India. If travelling to India during these months, it is advisable to carry enough warm clothing.
Local language and dialect varies from region to region. The language of Gujarat is Gujarati, Hindi is spoken in Delhi and around Corbett. Kannada is the language of Karnataka. However, English is generally understood and spoken in metro cities.
Currency used in India is The Indian Rupee
 Culture/ Society
The Indians greet each other by folding hands to a namaste. They remove shoes while entering religious places. While the state of Gujarat is predominantly vegetarian where alcohol is prohibited, the rest of the country has varied diet patterns and alcohol consumption is legal. India is a liberal country where people are allowed to follow their religion of choice. The society is patriarchal and conservative. Every state has a different dress, with women generally wearing sarees (Indian dress). These days, western dresses are highly acceptable in the urban areas. It is generally safe to be out at night, however you must check the area you are visiting to avoid any untoward incident.