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Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Australia Incorporated is a not for profit association established in Sydney in July 2001. CEEA is dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative environmental education, communication and action programs in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.
CEE Australia seeks to promote
» Innovative educational programs and materials for conservation education and management starting from the school level.
» A regional perspective on the environment development interface through networking and building capacity in conservation management and communication.
» Ecologically sensitive decision making through better public understanding of the cross border relatedness of socio economic and ecological parameters.
CEEA works in partnership with a range of organisations to build synergies, achieve a multiplier effect, enhance effectiveness and widen the range and scope of programs. CEEA aims to inform EE with diverse views on key environmental issues and to bring in learnings from international as well local experiences.
Building on the strengths of its parent body CEE India, CEE Australia is an autonomous entity with a management board of specialists in the fields of environment, education, conservation biology, communication, economics and finance. Additionally, membership by invitation has created a resource pool of expertise in a range of relevant fields.

CEE Australia enjoys the advantages of a close and continuing partnership with its parental organization CEE which was established in India in 1984 as a national institution and a centre of excellence in environment education.
CEE Australia has access to CEE India’s
» Bank of expertise and information resources in awareness building, education, communication and community initiatives.
» Highly experienced team of 250 professionals in the field of environmental education.
» Innovative environmental education programs and materials developed and tested at thirty regional offices and targeted at Schools, Youth, Industry, Urban, Rural and Decision makers.
» Infrastructure that includes 35 acre campus with hostel facilities for resident students.
» Full-fledged design and interpretation studio staffed by artists, designers and illustrators, a production centre and a printing press.
» Regional networks such as SASEANEE (South and South East Asia Network of Environment Education) which works in partnership with the Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE), UNEP-Regional office for the Asia Pacific and the North American Association for Environmental Education; and SAYEN (The South Asia Youth Environment Network). CEE Australia is also on the Executive Committee of APFEJ (Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists) with over 8000 Members from 91 Countries.
» International networks like the UNDP GEF-SGP (Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Program) which is implemented by CEE in India. CEE is the regional chair of IUCN’s commission on education and communication.
» Network of nature camp facilities across different ecosystems.
» Ongoing regional and international training and internship programs like CCEE (Certificate Course in Environment Education), run by CEE in partnership with IUCN-Commission on Education and Communication, UNEP-Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific and WWF-International, TEE (Training in Environment Education) and IPECD (Internship program in Environment Communication and development)
» Ongoing conservation and development projects in the field that demonstrate sustainable practice and feed into CEE educational and training programs. CEE through its network of 7 Regional Offices and 23 Field Offices across India is currently implementing 112 different projects with an out reach to more than 300 villages and a population of 2,50,000 people.