GCS Marine - Project 1600 Brochure
CEE's Global Citizenship for Sustainability (GCS) is an interactive school education program which offers an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to work on sustainability issues and build leadership and problem solving skills. It connects schools on a global level to work on common sustainability issues through a specially developed and successfully tested methodology. The GCS process seeks to prioritize values education, the building of partnerships as well as innovative ways of pooling resources and involving students in solving community issues through fostering ownership and personal relationships.

The initiative was launched during the UN Decade of Education for Sustainability Development (UNDESD) to encourage and support the practical teaching of Education for Sustainability in schools of Australia and India. The first two phases of the GCS were successfully implemented in India and Australia with support from the Commonwealth Departments of Environment and Education as well as State and local government agencies in India and Australia. Click here to download