GCS Marine- Project 1600

GCS Marine- Project 1600, an initiative of CEE is an action based research project focused on coastal biodiversity conservation between schools in Queensland, Australia and Gujarat, India. The objectives of the project are to:

  1. Generate awareness of, interest in and passion for the conservation of oceans and seas among children and youth.
  2. Study human impact including urban habitations, industrial growth, ports and urban livelihood activities on coastal ecosys tems.
  3. Gain an understanding of the local and global context of coastal/marine issues and the differences and similarities in cross country approaches to addressing these issues.
  4. Exchange project learnings, experiences and information between school groups in India and Australia.
  5. Build skills, leadership, resource networks and partnerships for sustainability for school communities in India and Australia and strengthen understanding and commitment to local and international sustainability solutions.
  6. Encourage and develop skills among students and the community in research, documentation and monitoring of marine biodiversity.

Participating students will be encouraged to write a report based on the findings of their study which would then be presented to key community stake holders.

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To join this exciting international program, contact

Project Secretariat

In Sydney:
Contact: ceeaustralia@ceeindia.org
Website: www.ceeaustralia.org

In Gujarat:
Contact :paryavaranmitra@ceeindia.org
Website: www.ceeindia.org, www.paryavaranmitra.in